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Mega IO Expansion Shield для Arduino Mega V1.2

Артикул:  DFR0093
Вес: 0.1 кг
Страна производителя: Китай


The new MEGA IO Expansion Shield V1.2 has some exciting new features. Besides all the features from its predecessor, it now supports Xbee/Bluetooth Bee and SD card module. It also features a 3.3V output. What can you expect more from this excellent shield? 

The IO Expansion shield  is designed for those who are familiar with the electronic circuits or universal board with bread board module, it helps in building a simple circuit effortlessly, but for those who are not familiar with the circuit or the slightly more complex circuit it doesn't seem so easy. This sensor expansion board is able to easily connect a number of commonly used sensors. For interactive works, the focus should not be on the specific circuit configuration, but on what features needs to be implemented. So for some of the specific function of the sensor module to connect to this sensor expansion board, we need to consider how to use the Arduino.


  • Поддержка всех Xbee модулей
  • Поддержка Bluetooth Bee
  • Поддержка 3.3V/5V output
  • Поддержка SD модуля
  • Поддержка I2C/TWI



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